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Tropical Shea Butter

Tropical Shea Butter

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Be In Seduction Tropical Shea Butter Body LotionThis beautiful tropical flavor lotion includes organic vitamins E & C, organic collagen, organic Aloe vera, organic rose hip, and many organic essential oils. Using this skin food will boost your happiness leaving you energized and glowing. While also improving the overall look of your skin tone key benefit of this lotion Is its orange ingredient. The antioxidants found in Oranges help fight against the free radicals which can slow down the production of wrinkles. Oranges have a high content of citric acid which help in skin exfoliation. Another key ingredient of this marvelous lotion is its mango. Mangoes are loaded with a certain type of antioxidant known as Mangiferin that helps protect your body from any cellular damage. It is also a great source of vitamins E, A, and C. It's proved to help improve skin tone, hydrate the skin, boost skin radiance and promote collagen production. Be In Seductions Tropical Shea Butter also includes Ylang-ylang, known to benefit your skin cells by refreshing and uplifting them which flattens the fine lines and improves your skin elasticity. This is an essential ingredient for every skin type, Ylang-ylang has anti-aging benefits which is why this oil is an excellent addition in skincare products.

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