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Merveille Shea Butter

Merveille Shea Butter

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Merveille Shea butter A relaxing and soothing basic lotion scented with a calming burst of Lavender Essential Oil.A complete and nutrient-dense Lavender lotion formulated to hydrate and soothe. Offers the famous calming properties Lavender is known for, all wrapped up in a high emollient, easily absorbed lotion. A great option for winding down at the end of the day, after a relaxing bath, or for a soothing spa treatment.Formulated to hydrate while offering the calming and relaxing aroma of fresh LavenderLavender has been used for centuries for its beneficial effect on skinContains Organic Jojoba Oil, which virtually mirrors the skin's own natural oilsOrganic botanical extracts such as Citrus,calyptus, vitamin E,C, collagen aloe, avocado and argan oils ,hemps soothe and nourishSuitable for all skin types, even babies

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